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> Be Your Brand

We all know the saying about first impressions: you don’t get a second chance. As a company leader, part of your role is to reflect the values and brand of your business – and your appearance plays a critical role in the effectiveness of your ability to do so.

What worked for Steve Jobs
(black roll-necks and jeans)
doesn’t for Fortescue Metal Group’s Andrew Forrest (suit and tie) or Lorna Jane (fitness gear/casual).

This is a one-on-one consultation for CEOs, directors, senior managers and “high potential” employees who want to improve their images with the aim of raising their professional profiles and communicating their company’s brand and values.


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> Dress & Impress

Have a thing for the latest trends in colours and design but uncertain how to wear them in the office without looking like you’re dressed for a night out? Want to look professional at work without looking like a copy of your colleagues? Participants will receive individual colour consultations, styling recommendations and personal advice, resulting in a professional-looking employee who will represent their organisation with confidence. This workshop is the answer to how to dress appropriately without losing your individuality. These hands-on workshops are for small groups, up to 12 persons. Participants benefit from one-on-one advice and more personal interaction. This is a fun, productive alternative to traditional teambuilding events.

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> Image 101

Every day we communicate with our appearances, whether or not we do it intentionally. What are you telling others when you wear red, black or yellow? What do short sleeves say that long sleeves don’t? What skirt length reflects your professionalism? Personal presentation matters in the workplace and has an impact on your ability to move up in your career. Equipped with style basics and workplace dos and don’ts, you will be able to apply your knowledge to enhance your corporate image and send the right message every time. This is a seminar for groups 12+ that explores written (and unwritten) dress codes and uncovers how to express personal fashion taste tailored to a business environment.


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Be admired for your style



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Inspired by Style